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Sampan Enterprises is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Fine Chemicals in India. Sampan Enterprises excels in the manufacture of chemicals such as Acetates, Oxalates, Phosphates & Di Sodium EDTA Substitute.All chemicals manufactured and supplied by Sampan are of pure quality and pass LR Grade specifications.

We at Sampan Enterprises believe in to innovation and change. Metachelate is an alternative Chelating / Sequestering agent to the traditional Di Sodium EDTA. Metachelate has helped reduce the costs of our customers by more than 50%. Metachelate is an exact substitute for Di Sodium EDTA, which is used as a water treatment and softening agent to chelate impurities in various industries. Learn more about how Metachelate replaces Di Sodium EDTA across industries such as Textiles, Dyes, Soap & Detergents etc. at Metachelate – The Economical Alternative to EDTA.

At Sampan Enterprises our motto is “WE MAKE THE PRODUCTS THAT YOU DESIRE & QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE”. You can read more about how it all began at Sampan Enterprises and our plans for the future in our blog:- Who We Are.

Our Products

All products manufactured and supplied by Sampan Enterprises pass LR Grade Specifications.


(Di Sodium EDTA Substitute)

Ammonium Acetate

(LR Grade / Pure Grade)

Ammonium Oxalate

(LR Grade / Pure Grade)

Sodium Oxalate

(LR Grade / Pure Grade)

Mono Ammonium Phosphate

(LR Grade / Pure Grade)

Di Ammonium Phosphate

(LR Grade / Pure Grade)

Tri Sodium Phosphate

(LR Grade / Pure Grade)

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