Sampan Enterprises: The Importance of Quality in Manufacturing Industry

Quality is an essential part of Sampan Enterprises. Sampan Enterprises is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Pure and LR Grade Chemicals in India. The ability to provide the customers with Quality in terms of

  1. Product: All chemicals manufactured by Sampan Enterprises pass LR Grade specifications.
  2. Consistency: The ability to meet the standards in every batch produced.
  3. Service: To be able to deliver the products on time committed to our customers all across India.

are the factors the help our organization achieve Customer Satisfaction.

The process of controlling, ensuring, and improving quality; both in business operations and productivity defines Quality Management. Quality management enables us to provide the buyer with superior quality products and services.

Customer Focus: Quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods. Having an effective quality management system helps lower costs and shorter cycle times through effective use of resources.

Once the systems are defined, performance benefit can be achieved through improved organizational capabilities. Employing a steady pan organization approach is important to the continuous enhancement of the company’s performance. Making continual improvement of systems, products & processes should be an objective for every individual in the company.

Advantages gained by focusing on Quality in the Manufacturing Sector.

  1. It greatly increases the ability to create value for both the Manufacturer (Supplier) and the Customer (Buyer). Value is created in terms of cheaper prices, elimination of rejections & saving of time.

2.It helps increase flexibility and speed of responses to the ever changing market conditions or customer needs and expectations.

We at Sampan Enterprises manufacture and supply chemicals like Ammonium Oxalate, Di & Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Di Sodium EDTA (Substitute) etc. to Multinationals and some of the leading Re-packers of chemicals.

At Sampan Enterprises:

“We make the Products you Desire and the Quality that you Deserve”

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