Sampan Enterprises – Who We Are

Sampan Enterprises was incorporated in the Year 2006 with a vision of being a World Class Chemical Manufacturing Company, to supply the Best Quality of Chemicals through constant Innovation, to various Industries at the most Cost Efficient rates.

Sampan Enterprises came into existence when the founders took a MIDC unit in Badlapur chemicals zone. There were several initial challenges and we settled down in a period of 4 years with a proper set up of an Industrial Chemical Unit, having made a large investment in Land, Shed and Machinery.

From the very beginning the company has believed in manufacturing not a thousand but a few products, so that we can stay focused on what matters the most to our customers – Quality.

Presently the unit at Badlapur produces 500 MT of Acetates, Oxalates & Phosphates. The company in an expansion mode and is looking to increase its production capacity multifold in a couple of years. The expansion areas have been identified and the action plan is in progress.

The pioneers of Sampan Enterprises have an experience of more than 40 years in manufacturing of EDTA. The product is required for making hard water soft and is used in a plethora of industries.

METACHELATE is a product formulated by Sampan Enterprises which completely replaces Di Sodium EDTA in industries such as Dyes, Textiles, Colours, Soaps and Shampoos, Water Treatment Plants and a vast spectrum of Chemical Manufacturing Industries.

In the current scenario, Metachelate will save approximately 1.2 crores for 10 tons of EDTA consumed. The company has an ambitious program for Metachelate which is going to transform the scenario for consumers of EDTA due to its economic cost.

With a blend of experience from the founders and exuberance from the younger generation, Sampan Enterprises is well ahead in achieving its targets and will never settle for anything less than excellence in terms of Quality and Service.

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