Metachelate – The Economical Alternative to EDTA

Metachelate (EDTA Substitute) is the legacy product of Sampan Enterprises, which helps our customers cut down on costs upto 50 % when used instead of Di Sodium EDTA.

Metachelate Compounds are extremely powerful sequestering agents, successfully used in water treatment. Metachelate compounds avoid the undesirable effects of metal ions in the industries listed below and many more.

Textiles Dyes Colours
Detergents Soaps Shampoos
Water Treatment Plants Leather Metal Finishing
Fertilizers Pulp & Paper Thermal Power Stations

The traditionally used sequestering agents like EDTA, NTA, Sodium Polyphosphates etc. can be substituted by Metachelate at cost reduction and improved performance, on account of their high sequestering values and stability over a wide range of temperature and pH.

By using Metachelate you will not only save on cost, but also on transportation.

Metachelate is available with different sequestering values. The standard available Metachelate is as follows.

Compound C.V. pH
Metachelate DS 615 4.5 – 6.0

Metachelates of specific sequestering values can also be supplied.

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